Dark Souls – Dragonslayer Spear


“A charged thrust. If followed up with a second attack, the player puts their second hand on the base of the head, and does a strong, close-range upward thrust, throwing opponents in the air. This follow-up attack has about three seconds of wind-up time.”

The Dragonslayer Spear is obtained by ascending any Standard +10 spear or thrusting sword at the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo with the Soul of Ornstein and 5,000 souls. The Spear is considerably larger than most others. Its one-handed strong attack fires a ranged lightning bolt that will drain 20 durability every use. It also has some of the best multi-skill scaling of any weapon.  The Strength and Dexterity scaling go towards the physical damage of the weapon, whereas the Faith scaling goes towards the lightning damage.

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