Papercraft Month Contest Rules

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    1.  It have to be on of your crafts; please do not use work from other people and show it as yours!

    2. You have to upload your picture on the facebook contest post on’s facebook site. Crafts uploaded in the forum will be placed by mods on facebook to enter the vote if wished. ( <- First sticky post with contest picture; you cant miss it!)

    3. It does not really matter when you crafted it. Last Winter, last Year, last Decade; we don’t care!

    4. This contest is papercraft only. Sorry for all of you really talented foamcrafters out there; there will be another contest specially for you in the next time! (We think it is not really fair to compare paper vs foam!)

    5. It is ok to use template files from the internet; you hast have to crafted it on your own! (In case someone thinks he also have to be the author of the file.)

    6. The contest ends at the 06.22.2019 at 24:00 GMT-4. Submissions are possible until 23:59!

    7. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook

    8. The craft with the most user likes will win the contest. Please be fair and do not try to use a bunch of fake profiles to push your own craft.

    9. We do not collect any data about you because we simply do not care about it:)

    10. The winner will be contacted through a facebook private message to receive his/her price. If the winner is not answering within 36 hours the second place will be chosen as winner.

    11. Any questions about the contest can be posted in the comments or send to Pepakura as a private message on facebook or you can post in the forum. We try to answer as fast as possible.

    12. Thank you for reading this; i hope it doesnt wasted as much time as is took us to do this contest. We want to give something back to the community and we hope the winner’s can use the amazon gift card to resupply their crafting tools!

    13. Oh, wait; the winners? Yes, there will be a price for the second place; a 25 $ amazon gift card. Why now? Because we thought if we took all the pain to create this we could help two people instead of just one:D

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