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    Things that have changed recently on

    New Login Area, hassffree.

    (I know, facebook login is not working, I am searching for the bug^^.)

    – New User Area!

    You can upload you own profile picture, finished papercraft images and videos!
    I advance you can add other users to as your friend and you can create private groups. You also can rate other users to show the community their qualitys. If you wish you also can delete your account from here or just edit your offical bio! Your posted files will be displayed in your profile! Top Uploader Ranking will be follow. (Only for users, not for staff)

    -Activity Wall
    Dont miss anything on pepakura! You can always find the latest stuff here.

    – The Board is back!

    I really hope this is getting some attention. The board is your best interface for concernc, worries, suggestions, problems, wishes and all the other stuff!


    This was redone a few weeks ago, but I want to mention it. The old linklist was buggy and not really pretty, so decided to rework it and add a few links I found meanwhile. Please take a look, there are really talented papercrafters and reliable filebases in there.

    -User Directory!
    You are searching for a special crafter, fan or just anyone else? Go and take a look at our User Directory! Specially designed to let you stay in touch!

    -Messaging System!
    You want to talk to someone? Hell yeah, you could write in a private Forum or group, you also can just send a private message. Just for sure.

    Oh man, where should I start? I recoded the Top Downloaded Files of the months section to look a little bit more…. professional. There is a “online users” section to see online people straigt on the frontpage. I deleted some of the social icons and only kept the most important ones. Reordered mostly all the footer boxes for the new additions.

    I know that you know it, but i am very bad with fonts. So I am looking for a sharp letter magician who wants to go through the relabel jungle. This would just be the case if you dont like the new Font Design, but i am honest and I can admit that it is now… special. ^^

    Roadmap to New Year:

    – Bugfixes in relation to new functions/design

    – User Polls for re-design or additional functions
    (suggestions already welcome on the website forum)

    – Easy Upload System 

    You submit the file, our editors
    will take screenshots and build a pepakura like entry. The author credit is still yours, this is only for a briefly common style and your convinience.

    – Volunteer Hunt 

    I cant do this all on my own but I try. In the meantime I hope to find some papermaniacs for moderating and administrating this site. If you know how to use a computer and you like papercrafting this is definately something for you!

    – Background Contest!

    Pepakura’s background is not bad, but we know that there are real talented artists out there, specially in the maker scene. So I want to give the users the chance to put their own special footprint on our community. I plan to change thie Background after two months to a new contest winner. You will be able to switch the Background to your favorite, so you can stick on a special one you like.

    – Project Phoenix

    The Website is responsive, and a couple of months ago I asked a guy If he could convert it to a android app. He did what I paid for, but in the End this was not the kind of quality i was looking for. Atm I am putting my head into android books and I will try to archieve some less annoying more ad-free version for mobile. (The original “programmer” is not avaiable any more. Hmm^^ Should have paid more.)

    – Rework FAQ
    Well, every day there is a massive croud on here and everything is in the change. I pushed this point to the end of the list, so I dont have to do it multiple times while the site is getting the new shape.

    -Backup Server
    I really like the new Hoster, it is not too expensive, fast, reliable and the support is on the top. Due to bad expirience in the last two years (with other hosters) I decided to order a cheap webspace to make sure that this site is not going offline. There are Backups from this site, every day to three diffrent sources. Downtime? Hell no more!

    – At the Crossroads
    Some (not more than 10) people in past, at the beginning of and shortly before the start of Onekura, asked me If the could sell their own Works on my site. My goal is to have a solid, strong everlasting papercraft filebase, even if the original source is down, gone, or something else. I believe Pepakura is doing good with free files only, but I want decide this for my own, so tell me your position about this.

    – Redo old Files
    There are over 1000 Files here. Over the past two years many things changed, and not all posts have same format. I rework a few of them every day, but it will take serious time until this is finished since I am working alone at the moment. For every old lazy uploaded file without credit or text I am searching my ass off to credit the right file author. I really dont want to pirate any paid contet, and most of the Filebase (80%) here have its origin in a few Facebook Groups like “Pepakura”, “Pepakura Library”, and a bunch of others. If there is a file which is violating rights just report them and I will take a closer look as soon as possible. (There is a button on every site which was 7 times in use in the last 15 months.)

    – Better File Searching & Filtering
    I am working for a better searching solution. In the next few weeks you will be able so sort an filter the files way more comfortable than now.

    -More Tutorials
    There are some rally good Tutorials out there, and sometimes it is really hard to find good videos outside your own youtube-bubble. Your tutorials area is not empty, but there is much room for new videos or handwritten tutorials. You want to show the community how its getting done? We will feature you!

    -Code Cleanup
    Yeah, boring stuff, nevermind.

    -Administration – did I mentioned I am looking for Co-Admins/Moderators/Editors? I did? Ok!

    -Rework Categories
    This is something I really dont want to do alone. With a community based forum discussion we should able to determinate a new category structure IF it is really neccessary.

    – More Author Interaction
    Most papercraft authors have their own patreon, paypal donation account, or something else. Since we want to try be a selfstanding error-safe Filebase there are two ways to archieve this:
    + We link to the original Download and change to the own backup IF the original is going down
    + We link to our own Server (normal Download) but wen insert a Donation Posibbility before the link to help all the artists out there. This is a point i am not sure about. I want to give something back, but I am not sure what would be the best way, I hope we can talk about that!

    Under the surface there is really a lot to do, and I like to do it! Let me know what you think!

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