Metroid Prime – Samus Full Armor +FOAM+

samusarmorhelm samusarmorshoulder samusarmorchest samusarmorbiceps samusarmorarm samusarmorshinoutside

“I had been reliving the tragic moments of my recent past. Thanks to the Hyper Beam, which was given to me somehow by the baby, I laid Mother Brain to waste. And the explosion that followed destroyed Planet Zebes, along with the remains of Mother Brain, the Space Pirates, and my long-standing nemesis, Ridley.” – Samus Aran

Author: Foam Armory

Shoulder foam unfold by Foam Armory

ShinPepTestOutside foam unfold by Foam Armory

Helmet foam unfold by Foam Armory

Chest foam unfold by Foam Armory

bicep foam unfold by Foam Armory

Arm foam unfold by Foam Armory

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I have finished the chest, shin and shoulder using 85% scale down to fit a 5 foot tall girl and they fit perfectly. These Pep “foam” patterns are fantastic.

Great Job on making these foam worthy!

What size would you recommend for a 5 foot 7 man who is in decent shape.

How thick should the foam be? Thanks! ^^