Ridiculous Papercraft “DLC”


I am not only a papercraft lover, i also love to play computer games. Did you ever paid for a DLC? I did, but what i discovered here is really awkward. A printable papercraft DLC for 0.99 cents. Really? For a chibi-action figure? If i was a fan of the game i might would reconsider to buy it; but it really annoys me! I mean, come on! This is a papercraft chibi action figure, why they dont just release it for free for their fans? When it comes down to stuff like this i am not sure what to think of. It is a papercraft, so yes! But it is a overpriced one. At least the requirements are funny to read! Btw: If you havent heard about the game you really should take a look, its golden!


What do you say? Do you like the idea of Papercraft-DLC´s for computer games?

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