How to make a PDF with Pepakura Viewer

Hi there fellows!

There is a question many people are wondering about on the Internet. Nearly every day papercrafter’s are asking if somebody who bought the Pepakura Designer could transform a file to a Adobe Reader PDF file. But there are good News for you: It is not necessary to own the Designer Edition. (Indeed the Pepakura Designer is worth every penny and I would recommend all of you to buy it!)

There are some smart little programs out there which can be used for creating a “virtual Printer” on your Computer. In fact this means there will pop up a physically not existing Printer in your Computers device list. In our case we use a virtual pdf printer!


If we choose the previous installed PDF Creator in the list, the software will output a pdf file instead of printing your parts on plain paper. Pretty easy hugh?

So there is no reason anymore to ask on the Internet and wait for some kind person to get a pdf file!


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